An Introduction To Us

From Birth Until 1997

Love and Hate. It’s one of the longest running arguments. Are they opposites or are they one in the same? I am a strong believer in the latter. I hated Dani Harris with all my heart, yet I loved her more than anyone I knew. When people asked why I put up with her crap all I could say was “She’s my best friend.” It’s the story of all great childhood friendships.

Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to just end it. Walk away. But there were too many good moments that I’d have to flush from my memory, moments that still tickle the back of my mind. From elementary school, to high school, and then college. We were like one. The truth is I can’t remember who I was before I met her.

Dani was there when I bought my first pack of pocket journals. She put one in her pocket to make sure that it fit. I was too afraid that the Staples guy would think that I was stealing.

Dani was the reason I bought my first bra. Though I couldn’t quite fit into one yet, we wanted to be able to proclaim Dani Harris and Meredith Williams, best friends forever, were the first girls in school to wear bras.

Dani was also the first person to publicly embarrass me, when she read my journal out loud to our 8th grade Math class. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t read the entry about my crush on the quarterback who happened to be sitting right next to me.

Dani made sure that everyone knew that I only bought a bra because she did. That I definitely didn’t have the boobs to fill it like she did. She always made sure to point out that she was the cool one and I was merely her dedicated follower.

Dani was jealous that I got into University of Virginia before her, but I waited to accept their offer until I was sure that Dani would be joining me. Everyone warned us that being college roommates would ruin us, but we survived.

It was after college, young adulthood, that killed us.

Well…killed her.



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