Illegal Substances

Sunday, September 14, 2012

I must have seriously creeped Tori Smith out before I actually went through with my plan. I called her several times, breathed heavily into the phone and hung up. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to proceed. Finally, I decided that I’d pretend to need some drugs, then pump her for as much information as I could get.

We met on campus. Caleb’s campus.

“How much do you want?” Tori asked. She definitely must have been a cheerleader in high school. Her bubbly pitch made me wonder if we were actually discussing the purchase of candy bars to help fund the homecoming dance.

“How much do people usually get?”

“Aw, sweetie. Is this your first time?” Did she really have to talk down to me? Was it really so preposterous that a woman in her mid-20’s had never bought drugs before? “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of ya. How much cash do you have?”

“Cash? Uh. $30.”

“Perfect! I can give you 10 pills,” she cheered. After we covertly made our exchange, she said, “See. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I flashed my best runway smile, demonstrating that I could be a fake prep as well. As she started to turn away, I slipped in my leading remark, “I heard you might be able to get me something stronger.”

Though she paused, deliberating her response, the plastic smile never faltered. “Yeah?” she asked. “Who’d you hear that from?”

“Sean Messina,” I said.

That made a little crack in her dimples. “Man that guy’s an ass. Look if you’re with him, then I don’t think we should be doing business.” Ah, jackpot. She knew that he was dangerous, but what exactly did she know?

“No, no. I just sit behind him in class and he was bragging about his dealer. So I kind of jacked your card from his notebook,” I grinned and nodded, attempting to reassure. “He’s that bad, huh?”

“He bailed on me,” she explained. “He told me he wanted to buy a kilo. Of coke,” she said this part slow as if I’d never heard of the substance. “I got all ready. I even bought concert tickets. And then, he never showed. He just disappeared.”

Disappeared because he was busy disappearing Dani. Was Tori next?

“Man, what an ass,” I said. “Ya know, he seemed kind of off in class. Like shooting down everyone’s answers, getting all pretentious with the teacher.”

“Yeah, those guys suck, right?” A total cheerleader reflection to make.

“Totally,” I said, I couldn’t help myself. “So this is a pretty awesome gig ya got here.”

“Totally. It always helps to have some spending money. I mean after rent is gone I’ve got like nothing left.”

“But, I mean, it’s got to be kind of scary sometimes, right?” I asked. “Like you get some customers that want to start trouble?”

“Oh no, totally not, the customers are great. It’s actually one of the other dealers I’ve been having a problem with.”

“Oh really? Has he been threatening you?” Maybe this other dealer was Sean Messina’s implant. Maybe that’s how he got the info on where the girls lived so he could sneak in and snatch them.

“She,” Tori corrected. “No she’s been all over my territory, trying to take my customers. I bet she’s the reason Sean Messina bounced. She was trying to jack him from the start.”


“Yeah, but I talked to my boss about her – I’m such a tattle tale,” she said with a scandalous giggle, “And I haven’t seen her since.”


Dani would totally bust into someone else’s territory. Dani would totally claim any customers that she believed she was entitled to. Dani would totally not back down unless someone had used force on her. Strong, bloodying force.




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